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Covers for Various Trailers

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Canvas Trailer Covers

Trailers are a great way to transport extra loads without overloading your car or overcrowding the limited space the vehicle contains. For this reason, trailers become a great option for families that are going on vacation or camping.

However, since trailers are usually open to the elements, it is prudent to shield your valuables from the elements. This needs trailer covers.

A trailer cover is a synthetic material (PVC) or canvas covering usually customised to ensure the security and stellar condition of goods from probable harm such as harsh weather conditions, theft or delicate products from any damage or spillage.

Canvas is considered extremely durable and its strength makes it the preferred material for making trailer covers. Some trailer covers are also UV-resistant and waterproof. This ensures that the trailer is kept dry and is not exposed to conditions that can instigate rusting.

UV degradation is one of the biggest challenges trailer owners face. Exposure to UV rays goes beyond simply the fading trailer colour. Subjection to UV light can lead to expensive repairs because it destroys the paint which a protective barrier that keeps metal and plastic components from breaking down. Such damage can greatly affect a trailer's resale value.

Canvas covers come in a wide range that could include optional extras like clear PVC panels, lacing hooks and Velcro flaps.

Hot air welding used in fastening the trailer cover seams guarantees maximum strength and resistance to water. Polyester thread often used to stitch the seams is cost-effective and lasts longer due to its endurance to direct sunlight.

Canvas trailer covers also come in handy in enhancing the general appearance of the towing vehicle.

Popular types of trailer covers include custom trailer covers, bespoke trailer covers, large trailer covers, and trailer-vehicle cover that cover both the trailer and the car.

Choosing a Trailer Cover

There are a number of factors to consider before you purchase a cover for your trailer as explained below:

1. Shape of your load

One can opt to get a customised cover to suit the shape of the item intended for ferrying. You can either draw a pattern of the object to cut and make the cover or you can also lay the canvas material directly on the object for fitting.

2. Conditions of travel

This depends on the goods to be transported, for instance, goods sensitive to wet or hot conditions. The worth of the goods is also crucial here as those that can easily be stolen must be well-covered to ensure their safety from prying eyes.

The covers must also be fastened to ensure that goods do not fall off while on transit.

3. Colour of the canvas

There is a wide range of colours to suit personal preferences. However, one must consider the climatic conditions the trailer cover will be used under.

Covers with lighter colour shades reflect heat and sunlight and making the trailer cooler. Darker shades, on the other hand, make the trailer warmer.

 4. Type of your car insurance

Some insurers extend the car insurance to cover eligible trailers. Eligible trailers are utility trailers, travel trailers and horse trailers that registered in your name.  Rented or trailers borrowed from other people are not covered.

Since towing a trailer presents a considerable risk, it is also important to consider getting a trailer cover. This will in turn affect the type of trailer cover that you will purchase.


13 September 2017