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Hello, my name is Billy and this is my new blog. I recently discovered the joy of sports and I now like to spend a lot of my time outside playing ball. I play soccer, baseball and rugby. I never thought that playing sports could be such fun. I used to love sitting around watching TV but now I can't stand it. My friend Sean invited me to play baseball and things took off from there. Next week, I am hoping to go sailing with Sean so I can pick up some new skills. I hope you enjoy the blog.

Five Tips for Selecting a Great Fishing Charter Boat

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The satisfaction that you derive from a fishing charter will largely depend on how correct you were when you were selecting the boat to charter. This article discusses some helpful tips that will ensure that you select the best possible fishing charter boat.

Pay More Attention to the Captain 

Talk to the captains of the fishing charter boats that you are considering to hire. Select the captain whose personality is agreeable to you. You should also select a captain who displays a deep grasp of fishing in the areas where you want to go. A great captain will usually help you have a great time despite the state of the boat that he or she operates.

Use the Contacts of the Resort or Cruise Ship

Another way to be sure that you have selected the best fishing charter is to use the contacts that are provided by the resort or cruise ship on which you are sailing. The resort or cruise management will only refer their clients to the best fishing charters so that they don't tarnish their reputation in the eyes of those clients.

Find Out the Policy on Caught Fish

Some fishing charters allow their clients to keep any fish that they catch. Others ask the clients to release any fish that they catch. Some fishing charters sell the fish caught and don't allow the client to take any of it unless he or she buys it. You can avoid disappointments by asking the fishing charter what their policy on caught fish is so that you hire them when you are aware of what will happen once you catch any fish.

Know Their Tackle Techniques

Some boat captains prefer to use light tackle to catch fish. Others favour trolling the fish. Some use a combination of these techniques. Which is your favourite technique? Charter a fishing boat that uses the technique that is your favourite. Alternatively, you can select a boat that uses the technique that you would like to experiment with.

Take Your Time

Some boat captains chat with potential clients on the docks and try to convince them to hire their boats. Avoid making a rash decision when you want a fishing charter. Research the captain and confirm that he or she is licensed. Find out whether the captain belongs to any boat charter associations. Such information will help you to select the best boat.

Your fishing trip will be a memorable one if you implement the suggestions above. When in doubt, consult experienced people before you charter a fishing boat.


13 June 2017